The Butterfly Twins with author Mark Sublette


El Museo, Medicine Man Gallery, Booth C22


August 11th, included with Opening Night Admission


August 12th, included with Show Day Admission


Opening Night Gala, August 11th (6pm-9pm) AND
Friday, August 12th (11am - 5pm)

Deeply Yao

The Butterfly Twins with author Mark Sublette

Summary: In the fifth book in the Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series… Prehistoric pots worth millions hidden on a high cliff in Wupatki National Monument hold vital clues to prehistoric agriculture and migrations — and to Santa Fe art dealer Charles Bloom's own future. To ensure his family's safety, Bloom must uncover the meaning of a pothunter's plunder, expose an unethical international gallery owner, and solve a thousand-year-old mystery that centers on his Canyon Road art gallery.

Unbeknownst to Bloom, Juan de Oñate's Santa Fe governorship four hundred years earlier has seemingly unstoppable life-and-death implications for his wife, the Navajo weaver Rachael Yellowhorse. For all to survive, Bloom and Lt. Billy Poh of the Santa Fe Police Department must come to grips with a historical quagmire and stop the cascade of atrocities from landing directly on Bloom's front porch.