2017 Special Exhibits

Medicine Man Gallery and El Museo Cultural presents "Homage to the Square”
Will run through both Objects and Antique american Indian Art Shows.

2016 Special Exhibits

Each year we will choose a museum quality event to display at our show. This year, we have two exhibits that will run concurrently with both shows.

2016 Special Exhibit for the Duration of both Shows


On the Frontier: the art of Jose Bedia
Presented and curated by Jose Bedia Jr. and James Trotta-Bono, this exhibition is Sponsored by Objects of Art Shows. Internationally acclaimed Cuban American artist, Jose Bedia, brings an important exhibition to Santa Fe, New Mexico. On the Frontier will highlight the artist's lifelong passion for indigenous people and the west. The spiritual beliefs and animistic iconography of these cultures are ingrained in Jose Bedia's unique painting style. Bedia has created new works for this exhibition. The exhibition will also be paired with a number of earlier works contextualizing the artist's career. The paintings will be juxtaposed with a select number of rare and important historic artworks from the west. On the Frontier will explore Jose Bedia's deep exploration of and admiration for this region by engaging the dialogue between old and new – a process that is both ingrained and inseparable for the artist.

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Location: El Museo Gallery
Dates: August 11-14 | Exhibit open during show hours
Cost: Entrance is included with show admission.

Objects of Art Santa Fe presents 'On the Frontier: the Art of José Bedia'

Artwork from Comedian Gary Shandling's Estate To Be Sold

Paintings from the late comedian Garry Shandling's estate will be for sale at this year's Objects of Art Santa Fe show. Our AP: The Big Story press feature has been picked up by thousands of national and international publications, including great coverage on major outlets like ABC, MSN, and many more.

2016 Special Exhibit for the Duration of both Shows

Deeply Yao

Woven in Beauty: 100 Years of Navajo Master Weavers from The Toadlena/Two Grey Hills Region
El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
and Objects of Art Shows are pleased to present the curated exhibit Woven in Beauty. The exhibition features Navajo master weaver textiles from the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills region. The region is located on the Navajo reservation in northwestern New Mexico. The Toadlena/Two Grey Hills style is most distinguished by the use of numerous shades of natural wool from local sheep to produce textiles with precise and imaginative designs. This exhibit is curated by Mark and Linda Winter of the Historic Toadlena Trading Post.

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Location: El Museo Gallery
Dates: August 11-14 | Exhibit open during show hours
Cost: Entrance is included with show admission.


The Butterfly Twins with author Mark Sublette
Sublette is the author of The Charles Bloom Murder Mystery and president of Medicine Man Gallery.

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Location: El Museo, Medicine Man Gallery, Booth C22
Dates: Opening Night Gala, August 11th (6pm-9pm) AND Friday, August 12th (11am - 5pm)
Cost: August 11th, included with Opening Night Admission
Cost: August 12th, included with Show Day Admission

2016 TV and Radio

As Objects of Art Santa Fe and The Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe approach, we are featured in more and more press. Catch show organizers John Morris and Kim Martindale on TV! They will be featured on "Report From Santa Fe" on Sunday, August 7th at 8am on KNME-TV 5 in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. On Monday, August 8th at 9am, KASA Style will interview Kim Martindale.

On the radio, catch us talking about The Antique American Indian Show on KUNM on Saturday, August 6th, at 8:35am, during KUNM's broadcast of NPR's Weekend Edition. Yesterday morning, Kim Martindale and Cuban artist Jose Bedia appeared on KSFR-FM, discussing Bedia's special exhibit "On the Frontier" on display at El Museo during both shows.

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